About Us

Airmen Golf Course and Recreational Park (AGC & RP) is a distinctive new addition to national Social Clubs, offering life time opportunities to become a member. Comparatively, AGC & RP is a very large set up, offering a distinctive variety of recreational activities, resort, leisure picnic environment and a number of modern sports facilities all under the name of AGC & RP. The club and recreational park is spread over 150 acres, secluded Arabian Sea shore corner, away from the city environment. The bottle green brim water wave, splashes the AGC & RP, this location has the most peaceful scenic spot so close to downtown. As a part of PAF Base Korangi Creek, AGC & RP is under a disciplined patronage of Air Officer Commanding Southern Air Command Pakistan Air Force. Thus under the prevailing law and order situation of Karachi, AGC & RP offers an extraordinarily secure location for its valued members. Currently, we have over 450 members. AGC & RP offers a number of leisure, sports and recreational facilities to its members and guests.

    • Prime facility
      • Golf Course with 18 holes on its lush green lawns maintained extensively round the year.
    • Sports facilities
      • Boat Club
      • Horse Riding Club
      • Gun Club
      • Dirt Bike Track
    • Accommodation and food
      • Chalets on Creek Water

Our Core Values

    • Value Teamwork

    • Lead by Example

    • Focus on the Future

    • Be Respectful

    • Controlled Safe Environment

    • Strive for Excellence

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